Awesome Presence

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(complete summary of the video)

Good slides are nothing without a charismatic delivery.

I’ve seen so many brilliant and fascinating presentations sabotaged by poor presentation skills. Can you imagine professors reading their lecture to you? It happens far, far too often.

So here are some pointers for injecting personality into your presentations:

Stage fright is really common, here is a video explaining why it happens and some tips for dealing with it:

Some tips for delivering your presentation:

  1. Change it up and phrase some information in the form of a question. This triggers a different part of the brain.
  2. Go dark and/or silent to punctuate a point.
  3. Say your presentation aloud, things sound different in your head.
  4. Internalize your presentation, do not memorize it line by line or rely on a script or cue cards.
  5. Practice your pacing, tone, and body language. Add some movement into your delivery.
  6. Use emotion in your presentation – humour, suspense, sadness, passion.
  8. Smile. You might trick yourself into thinking you’re confident. You might trick the audience too 🙂

Awesome examples of stage presence: