Group Presentation Tips

Group of People

  • Does your presentation require everyone to speak or are you able to play to each of your team members’ strengths (e.g design, infographics, public speaking)?
  • Try using online tools such as Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox to share ideas and to build your presentation. This will allow you to collaborate either in real-time or at the convenience of each member of the team, as well as help you avoid having multiple versions of your presentation in circulation.
  • Your presentation will need a consistent vocabulary and look. Assign one person the task of compiling everyone’s presentation materials.
  • Rehearse as a group, no just individually.
  • Try to get feedback from someone external to the group. They will find it easier to spot typos or omissions, and pick up on any content that is unclear.
  • Whenever possible, use a remote mouse or controller to advance slides or access materials on screen. It can often make presenters feel uneasy if they are not in control of their presentation.
  • Try to avoid using the word “FINAL” in your presentation filename – use date and time as an indicator of the most recent version.
  • Assign one group member to lead the presentation, introducing each team member and providing timing cues if necessary.
  • If a group member omits a key part of their presentation or appears to be losing focus, ask an open ended question to bring them back on track:
    • “Can you tell us a bit more about…”
    • “You had an interesting point regarding…”
    • “You put it really well the other day…”
    • “Before we move onto Matt, can you capture the key points about…”
  • Know the slide number that your part of the presentation begins on. If the previous group member overruns their time slot, you can simply jump to your opening slide from wherever they left off. In PowerPoint, simply enter the slide number and press enter.

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