PowerPoint Tips

noun_project_23951Screen Format! To maximise the space available to you on screen, it is important to match the aspect ratio of your presentation to the display it will be viewed on. The projector/display your presentation will be viewed on will either be an almost-square shape, like an older TV (4:3) or it will be widescreen (16:9 or 16:10.)  You can set this up in PowerPoint before you create your presentation by going to:

  • Design Tab>Page Set Up>Slides shows sized for>On-screen show (4:3, 16:9, etc.)

Shortcuts!  Know your keyboard shortcuts.  Here are some useful ones for PowerPoint on a PC:

  • F5 = Start Slideshow
  • Esc = End Slide Show
  • B = Black Screen
  • W = White Screen
  • Up or Right Arrow = Next Slide
  • Down or Right Arrow = Previous Slide.

Fonts!  If you are loading your presentation onto a computer other than your own and you have incorporated new or unusual fonts, make sure you save the font with your presentation.  (To do this in PowerPoint, got to File> Options> Advanced and check the Embed Fonts in the File box.).