Presentation Tips

  1. noun_project_23951Use the “dramatic arc” from storytelling to format your presentation.

  2. Change it up and phrase some information in the form of a question. This triggers a different part of the brain.

  3. Make your graphics prominent, and meaningful.

  4. Use very little text (Seth Godin says no more than 6 words per slide).

  5. Use new fonts – you aren’t limited to Ariel or Calibri (just make sure they are embedded in your file)

  6. Don’t use bulleted text or any other PowerPoint template.

  7. Go dark and/or silent to punctuate a point.

  8. Something is happening on screen or go dark (loosely related to Chekhov’s Gun).

  9. Use animation sparingly and smartly, it’s meant to highlight not dominate.

  10. Say your presentation aloud, things sound different in your head.

  11. Practice your pacing, tone, and body language – remember you’re acting not chatting.

  12. Use emotion in your presentation – humour, suspense, romance, sadness